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World War II

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German - 35p each
GR2 Infantryman Advancing
GR3 Radioman kneeling with Radio
GR4 Grenade Thrower
GR5 Rifleman firing, lying down
GR6 Panzerfaust/Schreck, lying down
GR7 Panzerfaust/Schreck loader, lying down
GR8 Machine Gunner, lying down
GR9 Machine Gunner loader, lying down
GR10 Mortar & 2 Crew - 70p
GR11 Infantryman in Greatcoat (Sentry)
GR12 Machine Gunner, walking


British - 35p each
BR1 Officer with Sten Gun, Paratroops
BR2 Private with Thompson, Paratroops
BR3 Bren Gunner, lying down, Paratroops
BR3a Bren Gunner, lying down
BR4 Private advancing with Rifle
BR5 Private firing lying down
BR6 Private firing kneeling
BR7 Private firing in Foxhole
BR8 Private with Piat
BR9 Sergeant advancing with Sten
BR10 Officer with pistol
BR11 Vickers M/G & 2 Crew - 70p
BR12 Mortar & 2 Crew - 70p


U.S.A. - 35p each
US1 Sergeant with Sub Machine Gun
US2 Private advancing
US3 Private firing
US4 Private with Thompson
US5 Private firing lying down
US6 Browning machine gunner
US7 Officer firing pistol
US8 Grenade Thrower
US9 Bazooka firing
US10 Bazooka loader
US11 Heavy Machine Gunner
US12 Heavy Machine Loader
US13 Radioman
US14 Mortar & 2 Crew - 70p
US15 General Patton
US16 Private walking


Partisans - 35p each
PA1 Male Partisan with Molotov Cocktail
PA2 Female Partisan with Sten Gun
PA3 Male Partizan with Rifle
PA4 Female Partizan Rifle slung over shoulder


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Pictures of this range are available in the Gallery

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Russians - 35p each
RU 1 Infantryman throwing grenade
RU 2 Infantryman greatcoat, helmet
RU 3 Infantryman kneeling, LMG, cap
RU 4 Infantryman advancing, firing SMG, fur hat, padded coat
RU 5 Infantryman advancing with anti-tank rifle, helmet
RU 6 Infantryman sniper, prone, cape
RU 7 Infantryman officer
RU 8 Infantryman walking
RU 9 Partizan, padded jacket, advancing
RU 10 Infantryman standing firing, helmet
RU 11 Infantryman advancing, SMG, camo jacket, cap
RU 12 Infantryman, greatcoat, marching
RU 13 Marine ‘Black Death’ advancing
RU 15 Infantryman advancing, side cap
RU 16 Cavalry charging (70p)
RU 17 N.V.K. Officer in trench waving on
RU 18 Infantryman sidecap, SMG
RU 19 Marine/Sailor SMG
RU 20 Marine/Sailor officer
RU 21 Infantryman greatcoat, advancing
RU 22 Infantryman, dead


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